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Viardot is taken in 5 capsules with meals for 20 days. At night, you need to insert 1 Vitaprost candle. It's great if the intestines are cleansed beforehand. The course is 10 days. The Vitafon device must be used according to the instructions for use. It is desirable to have 2 to 3 sessions of acoustic therapy. In this case, you should not stop treatment in the middle of the session, when there is a feeling of exacerbation of chronic prostatitis. This is the norm, and cialis. The course will end with recovery.

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Speman should be taken 2 tablets 2 times a day. The full course of treatment is 25 days, if we consider that there are 100 tablets in the package, then it will go away completely.

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If you do not buy cialis from the proposed scheme, it will be possible to get rid of the disease for a long time. However, you should stop drinking alcohol. In this case, sex life is fully resumed.

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During treatment, hypothermia of the prostate should not be allowed, so the pants should be warm and the coat should be long. Avoid swimming in cold water during the summer months. To improve blood microcirculation, get rid of stagnant processes, you need to move as much as possible. To do this, you should abandon a sedentary lifestyle, start running, walking.

There are many treatment regimens for congestive prostatitis, and each practicing urologist uses his own technique. As a rule, they are all effective, the main thing is that the absence of infection in the prostate gland is confirmed. In this case, success is guaranteed. Sometimes, with prostatitis, it is impossible to do without surgery.
Transurethral resection. Transurethral resection is a minimally invasive treatment. A resectoscope is inserted into the body through the urethra under general anesthesia. A high frequency current is fed through it. With its help, the altered tissue of the gland is cut off. If there is such a need, then it can be removed completely.
During the operation, bleeding does not develop, since the currents cauterize the blood vessels. After such an intervention, the prostate tissue ceases to press on the urethra, and the person can empty the bladder normally.

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Tadalafil is no longer haunted by pain. The procedure itself takes place under video control. The image is displayed on the screen, on which the doctor can track all his actions.

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Prostatectomy is an abdominal operation. It carries a higher risk of complications. The recovery period will last longer than after transurethral resection. However, sometimes this procedure is the only way to help the patient.

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In this case, liquid nitrogen is used to treat prostatitis. Men have been treated this way for many years. Treatment and recovery are quite extended in time.

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Cryodestruction is indicated for those patients who cannot perform the operation. Despite all the difficulties of therapy, it is possible to get rid of the symptoms of the disease.

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Transurethral microwave therapy. This method is reduced to the effect on the prostate gland of electromagnetic waves. Under their influence, the inflamed tissues are destroyed, and the symptoms of the disease recede.

The procedure is a minimally invasive technique, but not all patients can perform it. Sometimes, after such treatment, the disease recurs. In addition, there is a possibility of complications. If we evaluate the effectiveness of such treatment, then it is stronger than taking medications. However, it cannot be compared with surgery.

Ultrasound therapy. Exposure to the prostate tissue with ultrasound allows you to remove the inflammatory process. The procedure can be carried out at home, but after a detailed consultation with a doctor.

It is forbidden to use ultrasound for cancerous organ tumors. If you use it as part of a complex therapy, you will be able to achieve recovery.

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Treatment with leeches. Hirudotherapy is one of the ways to treat prostatitis. With its help, it is possible to achieve a good effect.

Stenting and balloon dilation. The procedure is reduced to the introduction of an endoscope with a small balloon into the prostate. During the operation, the urethra expands, after which a stent is placed in it. This helps to normalize the outflow of urine.

The method is aimed at eliminating the symptoms of boget sick. The inflammatory process of the prostate gland, when treatment is started on time, does not lead to gross violations in the genital area. However, if untreated, it most often causes depression of sexual desire and infertility in men of reproductive age.

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Among the fairly frequent complications of untreated prostatitis, various secondary infections of the urinary tract are distinguished, chronic renal failure may develop.

No less dangerous are bladder stones and the development of acute urinary retention.

The disease progresses, covers the bladder - due to the deterioration of blood circulation, there is a violation of the outflow of urine and hardening of the walls, these pathological changes are irreversible.

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What happens if prostatitis is not treated? Any acute prostatitis without special treatment always becomes chronic.

But in any case, without treatment, both acute and chronic prostatitis can cause prostate abscess, cystitis, pyelonephritis, vesiculitis and even prostate adenoma. And a little later impotence and infertility will appear, which will be very difficult, long and expensive to cure.

Can prostatitis be treated with herbs? Maybe. These can be plants such as St. John's wort, licorice root, echinacea, goldenrod. The composition of these herbs includes components that help with non-bacterial asymptomatic prostatitis. It is possible to purchase rectal suppositories that contain extracts of these herbs. In chronic prostatitis, is it necessary to perform rectal prostate massage?

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The vast majority of urological clinics abroad have abandoned this procedure in favor of physiotherapy treatment, which is more effective. In addition to the fact that rectal massage causes physiological and psychological discomfort, it allows you to work exclusively on the lower part of the prostate. Nevertheless, in Russia the overwhelming majority of urologists practice this technique.

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Does hirudotherapy, acupuncture help?

If we take into account the theory of influence on energy fields and points, then we can say that this method works. However, there are no studies that could be cited in order to substantiate the effectiveness.

The only thing that can be argued is a slight decrease in pain and a decrease in urinary disorders. Hirudotherapy helps to remove edema from the tissues of the prostate, normalize microcirculation in the organ, and reduce inflammation. This is possible thanks to the enzymes that are present in the saliva of leeches, according to V. A. Savinov and M. I. Kuznetsov. However, any unconventional treatments should be discussed with your doctor. They cannot be used as a substitute for conventional therapy.

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Can chronic prostatitis trigger prostate cancer? It can be argued that prostate cancer is the cause of the development of prostatitis. Inflammation of the prostate gland causes complications such as urethral strictures, prostate abscess, sclerosis of organ tissues.

As for oncology, there is no such data. Nevertheless, if a man is diagnosed with prostatitis, regardless of its form, he should be regularly examined by a urologist and, if necessary, undergo treatment.

Prevention measures for chronic prostatitis are primarily aimed at preventing its exacerbation. In the event that this has already happened, the inflammation must be removed as soon as possible.

To minimize the risk of relapse, you need to completely abandon, or reduce to a minimum the impact of the following negative factors: Alcohol consumption.

This does not mean that you need to abandon it altogether, but it is necessary to limit yourself. Nobody forbids a glass of red wine, but you shouldn't drink a whole bottle.

The prostate gland is the organ that constantly experiences oxygen deprivation due to poor blood supply. When tobacco smoke is inhaled, vasospasm occurs and blood microcirculation is further impaired.

In addition, all smokers will sooner or later suffer from high blood pressure.

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Lack of movement. You need to force yourself to break away from the couch and start moving. Stress. You should learn to remove from your head all the negative that was received during the day. In this case, the family will become the best antidepressant. Weekends spent next to loved ones will replace any sedatives.

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Hypothermia, colds. These negative factors directly affect the prostate gland. If you have a car, care should be taken to include a heated seat. Physical fatigue is no less dangerous than lack of movement.